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Retaining Walls

We build the strongest and best looknig walls in Cincinnati. Our walls start with a footer and rebar reinforcement. We then stack, mold, and sculpt the concrete into an attractive, natural–looking stone wall. Our walls are stronger on the inside and look better on the outside. The finished product is durable and beautiful. I

Patios and Walkways

Our patios are beautiful, custom and extremely durable. This is not just stamped concrete. We texture, carve and stain concrete to look and feel like natural flagstone. Our concrete pads range from 4–5 inches thick with wire and fiber mesh reinforcement. We install all of our patios and walks on a bed of compacted limestone gravel. Once the concrete is poured and cured we then carve, stain and seal the concrete.

Outdoor Living

We install custom fire pits, bar and grill units, seating walls, pergolas, fireplaces, counter tops, and much more.  All of our work is done by hand and is customized to every job. Imagine a pergola that is held up with tree trunk posts or a fire pit that is carved to be one large boulder. Our ability to sculpt and carve concrete allows us to give you a resort in your own back yard. Don't settle for the run of the mill pre-made products.  

Water Features

We install customized waterfalls, fountains and pond systems that are built by molding, sculpting and carving concrete.

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